Magnum Salted Caramel ice creams

Another new find! This time some more good Magnum goodies. Also…please do not judge me for how I eat my ice creams. Something about just chomping into a solid ice cream lolly just….unnerves me.

These were meant to be salted caramel flavour and even though they were definitely sweeter than the plain vanilla flavours, I wouldn’t say it tasted any different at all. It didn’t taste like salted caramel. The chocolate cover was.,..just the usual chocolate. The ice cream was, as I said, very sweet, but it didn’t taste of anything more than just sweet vanilla. Personally I think I’d rather just stick to the plain version, as I really don’t see what these add to anything.

Overall: 4/10. Nice enough ice cream, but not salted caramel whatsoever.

T xxx

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