Gregg’s frozen steak bake

Iceland announced for Veganaury that they would now stock the Gregg’s frozen pastries so that you can make them anytime at home. Honestly…I was far too excited about the prospect of having Gregg’s on demand in my own home. I only live a ten minute walk from a Gregg’s, but if I can avoid going outside (even if COVID wasn’t a thing) then I will try my hardest to do so.

I first decided to try the steak bakes as I personally prefer them to the sausage rolls. They came in a packet of 2 for £2.50, which I think is cheaper than in store (but do not quote me on that!). They take 30 minutes to cook so probably aren’t the quickest of things, but I guess that is the payoff you take when you cook them at home.

They didn’t crisp up too well, but not sure if that is either a) my poor cooking skills or b) by poor oven. They did come out boiling hot – as in molten lava in the middle – so they were definitely cooked. They did also take a fair amount of time to cool down to eating temperature, so I guess that explains why they can sit out on the Gregg’s counter for so long.

I actually preferred these though. The idea of having Gregg’s on hand in my freezer is brilliant, as it means if I ever have a craving for a Gregg’s it means I don’t have to leave the house or go out of my way in order to pick up a pastry. That may sound lazy, but lockdown, rain and snow, leaving the house is meant to be only for necessary reasons and, as much as I love Gregg’s, it isn’t actually necessary. Although depending on how long this lockdown goes on I opinion may change…

Overall: 9/10. The cooking time is counteracted by the convenience of freezer food.

T xxx

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