Home made vegan sushi

We are still in Lockdown 3.0 in England and as it has also started to rain and snow most days, I am spending my weekends wrapped up warm inside with the heating on and a cup of tea constantly brewing next to me. What better time to perfect my sushi making skills, especially when I can no longer go to my local store to buy some premade packets.

I have made sushi a few times before so I understand the general idea. I am just not….great with it.

You will need:

  • rice – You can buy proper sushi rice, but I only had basmati rice on hand and it worked fine. I overcooked it so that it was a lot ‘mushier’ than normal so was stickier. For me, one cup of rice was enough to make 5 full nori sheets of sushi.
  • a bamboo roller – I bought mine from tesco for about £2
  • Nori sheets – you should be able to find these at any supermarket.
  • fillings – i used thin slices of carrot, cucumber and avocado but you van get as wild as you like.

Making the sushi

  • lay your nori sheets rough side up on your bamboo sheet.
  • Lay a thing layer of rice on about 1/4 of the nori sheet, leaving a finger width from the bottom of the nori sheet (the end closest to you). Other instructions say to put the rice on 2/3 but I found that this just made the sushi too big to roll and never stayed together. Less was definitely more.
  • lay your fillings down the middle of the rice. Again, less is more.
  • wet the opposite end of the nori sheet before rolling. I found this helps the sheet stick together at the end and prevents it from unrolling.
  • roll the sushi – use the bamboo sheet to firmly roll the sushi away from you. As you roll, make sure to press firmly along the entire width of the sushi so that it is level throughout and maintains a consistent shape.
  • Once fully rolled, place on a hard surface and use a sharp (very very sharp!) knife to cut it into even slices. – I actually have really bad knives, so I found that the serated knife (usually used for slicing bread) was better than the actual cutting knives. I found that moving the knife slowly at an angle to the sushi made a much cleaner cut then going straight down.

My first attempt was…bad. Well it tasted absolutely fine, but it was definitely a sushi burrito rather than a cute little sushi roll. Look at this chonk! Poor thing had too much filing and just…exploded.

I found that adding less ingredients actually made it much easier to roll and they also tasted nicer. It was also much easier to get a consistent size and shape the whole time and made much less mess.

Overall I am actually really happy with how this turned out. If you need extra tips, a quick YouTube search shows a lot of far more talented chefs than I making way prettier arrangements than me. But for an amateur, I feel this turned out really well!

T xxx

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