Wicked! chocolate muffins

Wicked! have really rolled out the baked goods this year and I feel it is my duty to try them all. The donuts were amazing, so you would think that the rest of the goods would also be of that level.

These muffins were huge and seeing as how you get 2 in a pack for £1.50, they are also really good value for money. I have only ever seen bigger muffins and those are the ones you can buy in a Costco tray where the muffin is literally the size of a baby’s head. These Wicked! ones though are a very generous size and good for one person.

They were, however, really really dry. As soon as I opened the packet I was hit with a soft spray of crumbs. The plastic try that they sit in had a layer of crumbs along the bottom and as soon as you so much as breathe on the top of the muffin, the whole thing starts to fall apart. Definitely need a plate under you when you eat these because the crumb fallout was probably enough to make another muffin with.

They do taste good. Or at least, they taste like a chocolate muffin. Nothing too fancy and nothing too bland. They’re ok. Again the main thing against these is just how dry they are. You will definitely need a cup of tea or smoothie or water on hand to wash down the muffin every few bites because it really does cake itself to your mouth and suck all moisture from it.

Overall: 4/10. For being as dry as the desert.

T xxx

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