Plant Chef pies

Another winter day another pie…this time from Tesco.

I have found that with the Plant Chef range, the meat substitute they use is the same throughout all of their products. So if you like their mince (which I do) then chances are you are going to like the rest of the ‘meat’ ranges. Personally I think the Plant Chef range is a really good range of vegan food, and is all really affordable and a good option for those who are just starting on their vegan journey. Their mince and burgers are some staples in my household.

These pies were also pretty good. Again, they use the same meat substitute as the whole of the plant based range, so it was a nice texture and tasted good. The gravy was also a good thickness, so kept everything moist without soaking through the pastry or making it all soggy.

The downside was that there was barely any filling. The pie was maybe half full. Which was disappointing as it did taste really good and it would have been nice to have some more filling in to compliment the amount of left over pastry. The pie crust was quite dry, so more gravy would have been good to make it not so bland and flaky.

That being said you do also get 4 pies per packet, and with each packet costing £2, it is pretty good value for money. Downside is they are quite small pies so you definitely need to have something else with the pie in order to make a filling meal. Again, because there isn’t that much filling involved, you do end up with a lot of pastry left over.

Overall: 6/10. These are good to have in your freezer if you are ever caught short and want a quick meal, but they aren’t the most satisfying of meals.

T xxx

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