Wicked! Jam Donuts

So to start this, I am not the biggest fan of filled donuts. No matter how hard I try to eat them in a nice and dignified manner, I will always end up with the filling all around my face, probably dripping down my top and all over my hands. Without fail. So I usually avoid these types of donuts as much as I can. But then I saw a packet of these for £1 and the vegan in me took over.

You cannot tell the difference between these donuts and the non-vegan versions. The dough is light and sweet, and the jam was rich and sharp. They are also a really good size (I’d say about 4-5 bites for each one) and you also get a pack of 6 for £1. Which is just….mindbogglingly good value for money. They are sweet without being overpowering and are small but very satisfying a dessert.

I do not know how they keep long term, because honestly this packet didn’t even make it to the evening time, let alone the next day. The donuts were super spongey and was a good sweet treat after dinner. There isn’t much else to say about these….they are pretty much flawless.

Overall: 10/10. While these types of donuts are not really my thing, these are so good I may have to try them more often…

T xxx

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