My Protein carb crusher

One of the most common questions I am asked when I say that I am vegan (as I’m sure every other vegan can attest to) is ‘where do you get your protein?’. The most common answer is ‘from my food’. However I have also been quite the active person for most of my life and used to work out at least 5-6 times a week. I was doing a lot of running and also starting to get into a bit of weight training and endurance training. When training, I found that drinking protein shakes meant that I usually recovered way quicker and wasn’t left with the dreaded DOMs for the rest of the week.

I fell off of that routine at the beginning of 2020, as I changed jobs and no longer had a gym within a reasonable distance to where I lived. I do not have a car and my closest gym is still a 30 minute walk for me. Then with 2020 being as it was, I couldn’t have gone to the gym anyway. This year I have finally started to get back into a regular work out routine which is involving a lot of body weight exercising. I am therefore back on the protein hype, as I did not expect my body to ache as much as it has done these past few weeks of regular exercise once again!

I was sent this carb crusher with my protein order (review to follow, don’t you worry!) and so decided to give it a go. It was…odd.

The chocolate on the outside was…ok. But the inside was odd. It was sort of like nougat in the middle but it was super powdery. Like….really powdery. It tasted like they took the protein powder, clumped it together in a mould and then covered it in chocolate. It didn’t taste bad so to say, because it really didn’t taste of anything. But I guess it did work as a carb crusher because you take a few bites, are left with such a weird powdery texture in your mouth that you then don’t really want to finish it. It also makes you drink a ton of water to wash the powder out so you can actually taste something again.

I did not get any chocolate and orange flavour to this. it seems the chocolate was only there to a) give it some sort of flavour and b) bind the entire nougat part together. But it did fill me u[p for the rest of the day. Probably because my stomach was still trying to figure out what it was I had just eaten.

Overall: 2/10. I don’t even know what this consists of. If you have these things regularly, please do educate me!

T xxx

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