Vegan Pukka chicken and Mushroom pie

Cold English winters call for warm hearty pies. Pukka pies are a staple of British food (or at least I think so) because they always do really hearty pies that are also really cheap. O the fact that they now do a vegan range for Veganuary made me very happy.

This pie cost me £1.50, although I think it was on sale as part of the Tesco clubcard points scheme they’ve got going on at the moment. It took about 30 minutes to cook, so it is not the quickest meal option out there if that’s what you are looking for.

The filling was actually filling. The pie had a lot of it so it was nice to actually get a full pie rather than a half full one that you usually get. It did taste very much like mushrooms but mushrooms are quite an overpowering taste anyway. Personally, I love that. The ‘chicken’ was a good texture, but the filling did have a bit of a weird slimy-ness to it. I don’t know how else to explain it. The sauce was very thick – think custard rather than gravy – and so the chicken did seem to fall apart quite easily. I don’t know if this is just how the product was designed to be or if it had soaked up all of the water in the sauce while cooking.

That being said it was very yummy. I personally do not mind a thinker sauce and the chicken really did seem to melt in my mouth. It was very nice….but not quite the best I’ve had.

Overall: 7/10. It is very yummy, but not quite the best to have.

T xxx

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