Wicked! Cinnamon rolls

I finally found some of the Wicked! baked range! They have released a load of new things for Veganuary so I was quite looking forward to trying a few of these. I am not a massive fan of the Wicked! products when it comes to actual meals, as they are one of those brands that thinks spicy = flavour, and I am not a big fan of super spicy food. Especially when that food doesn’t need to be spicy to begin with. But their baked goods tend to be alright, so I thought I would give these a go.

Firstly they are way cheaper than I thought they would be. These cinnamon rolls are HUGE. And you get two of them in a packet and the packet is only £1.85. So they are super cheap seeing as you get two cinnamon rolls the size of a baby’s head.

Unfortunately there is very little cinnamon in this. I honestly could not taste any cinnamon. The sponge itself is nice enough, but the cinnamon swirls have this weird texture to them…they are almost….crunchy? bitty? Either way there is some weird clumpy texture when you eat these that just makes it seem a bit odd. Almost like the batter wasn’t mixed properly and now the sponge itself is super lumpy. The icing is also weirdly dumped on top – like they literally just shut their eyes and dumped one little dollop of icing onto where they thought the cake would be. Now this may have just happened in transit, where the cakes are probably thrown about a lot, but I still don’t think there was enough on this.

Overall: 3/10. Weird texture and no trace of cinnamon. Bad Wicked!

T xxx

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