Coconut Collaboration Banoffee Pots

A new find!

On this health kick I have been trying to find little evening treats that will stop me snacking on oreos and other cookies. These looked like a good alternative as they are fairly low calories and, being tiny pots, I wouldn’t be tempted to eat a whole load in one go.

This is basically banana pudding. Like…just blended up bananas. So if you don’t like bananas, stay clear of these. It also reminded me of baby food, just because it came in a tiny little pot and was a super blended and smooth food. It did taste nice…because it tasted of bananas. I couldn’t really taste any sort of toffee in it.

So far as ‘healthy’ snacks go this actually wouldn’t be a bad idea. As you can see the pots are really small – maybe 3 or 4 spoonfuls max – and the only sugar you can taste is the standard fructose that comes with fruit anyway. So they give you a little sweetness without being hugely unhealthy for you.

They are however, somewhat expensive for what they are. In my local store they are usually around £3 (depending on whether they are on sale or multibuy offer for example) and seeing as how they would only last you four days (providing you only have one pot each night) it doesn’t last you as long as just buying a bunch of bananas and having that every night instead.

Overall: 5/10. Not bad, but nothing to get too excited about.

T xxx

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