Wenzel’s Yum Yums

I know I said that this year I would eat healthier, but I saw these little gems and decided to give them a try! They came in a little pack of three, and as each is only about 2 bites, do they really count as a ‘meal’ or a ‘treat’?

These are basically flaky donuts…or very sweet croissants. They were doughy, but also flaky…if that even makes sense. They taste exactly like donuts do, but are lighter and not as stodgy as donuts can be. The sugar icing drizzle also gives it a nice little extra sweetness to it. They may have come in a pack of 3 but one was actually very satisfying. I think if you tried to eat the whole pack in one sitting you would end up feeling rather sick.

But is it better than a donut? Personally I don’t think you can ever beat a donut, but I must admit these were a very nice change. It was nice to have a sweet treat that didn’t taste like it was full of calories.

Overall: 7/10. Maybe I need to have more in order to form a true opinion…

T xxx

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