Lidl Choco Hoops

No matter how crazy the world gets, it seems I can always count on two things: Lidl and cereal. Lidl has quite the reputation for having a goldmine of super cheap vegan products that are scarily similar to more expensive and well known brands. Their cereals are so cheap and as someone who appreciates a good choice of cereals, I for one am a big Lidl fan.

They also clearly label all of their vegan products, which is how I came across these chocolate hoops! As a kid I never really liked chocolate cereal because it never really tasted like chocolate – it was always that weird, powdery tasting ‘chocolate’ that just left a funny after taste. But as I have grown older I occasionally get quite a craving for high sugar breakfast cereals. Probably to help fuel me through the day during these horribly dark, wet and depressing winter days here in England.

There isn’t much else to say about these: They are hoops and they taste like chocolate. That’s all they are and they do actually taste chocolatey. They can get quite sickly if you have too big a bowl of them, but that also may just be the sugar shock setting in. The packet was also huge considering that it only cost £1.

Overall: 8/10. These are a great option if you want a breakfast cereal that actually tastes like what it is meant to.

T xxx

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