Plant Kitchen Chocolate Torte

These were part of the Christmas range at M&S, but I found my local store still had a load left over. Hence why I got them for so cheap!

Who doesn’t love a yellow sticker bargain!!??

I am glad I did not pay full price for them. These are nice….but not really chocolate. The tort is creamy, but it is also very rich and very dense. That may be because it was sat in the fridge for so long, but either way it was thick. It also does the usual tastes like chocolate with the first bite, but then it just turns into ‘sort of’ chocolate from there after. There isn’t much flavour to them except…sugar?

So these are…fine. Honestly M&S have better desserts on offer though, such as their chocolate cherry pots which are to die for. These just felt a bit flat. Perhaps they tried to bring out something quickly for the Christmas period but honestly I don’t think much thought was put into it. It tasted like the same recipe for the truffles but just shaped to look like a torte.

Overall: 2/10. Not really worth it.

T xxx

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