Papa John’s Southern Fried bites

I know I said that this year I’d be eating healthier, but everyone still needs a treat meal every once and a while. My go to will always be Papa John’s and they’ve brought out a new side dish for Veganuary. So really this is all for the good of the blog…

These are southern fried bites. They look like general chicken nuggets and I think they are made out of tofu. These things are so good! The texture is scarily similar to meat: It was dense, but flaky, without the usual ‘moistness’ that comes with some vegan meat alternatives when you fry them. I even had to double check that these were indeed vegan they seemed too meaty. They remind me a lot of the Linda McCartney southern fried bites that you can buy in supermarkets, but Papa John’s (possibly because they’re fried?) are just that little bit tougher in texture. You also get a pretty big portion of them so it is more than enough for sharing.

They have a bit of a southern fried flavour to them but I think I would preferred more of that flavour. They did come along with a BBQ dip so not sure if that would have improved it at all? I’m not a big fan of BBQ flavour so I didn’t bother with the dip. Maybe next time I shall brave it!

Overall: 8/10. Definitely getting this side from now on.

T xxx

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