Squeaky Bean falafel

I tried so hard to choose a healthy snack and….it just did not work.

I have never gotten on well with falafel. No matter how hard I try it is always so dry and tasteless for me. I have only ever had one good falafel and that was at a turkish restaurant in my town called Opuz. Their food is AMAZING and their falafels are literally to die for. They were soft and yummy and didn’t suck all of the moisture out of my body while trying to chew it. So I thought maybe I should try a new brand of falafel, one that was a little bit more expensive, in the hopes that it would be better quality.

Nope. It wasn’t. Falafel tasted good, these were actually very yummy. But it also took me half a tub of humus to be able to finish even two little balls. Plus a whole glass of water! I just don’t get how such a tiny bit of food can require so much water?!

Needless to say, not a fan. I think I just need to accept that falafel is not for me. I always love the idea of it but then the actual having of it just depresses me. If any of you guys have tried a good, non-dehydrating falafel please do let me know in the comments.

Overall: 0/10. Curse this pallet of mine.

T xxx

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