Tesco Free From Strawberry Cheesecakes

I haven’t seen these before in my shop, co cannot confirm if they are a ‘new’ item. But I am counting them as new to me! I found these in Tesco in the vegan section and despite my new years resolution being to eat more healthy foods, I caved. We also bought the Ring Fit Adventure over Christmas so I feel I have earned a little treat at the end of a week.

Unfortunately these are pretty meh. They taste fine and they look fine. But they;re nothing special. They also don’t really have a texture. They sort of have the texture of…soggy cake? Like a mousse but thinker. You take a bite and it kind of melts in your mouth but also leaves weird bits also in your mouth. I mean it does taste perfectly fine – it tastes like strawberry cheesecake – but it just doesn’t have that creamy cheesecake texture to it.

One of the upsides to these dessert though is that it is free from most of the big allergies: no egg, no dairy, no gluten, no wheat and also no nuts (although there was a ‘may contain’ for nuts in the ingredients). I have seen that trying to find vegan and gluten free foods quite hard to do, so it is good to see that the entire Free From section has really expanded this month to include a lot of new stuff. Perhaps that is why the texture is a little off, because it is missing both gluten and wheat which are usually used as binding agents in food.

It is also worth noting that they were only £1.50 at my store for a pack of two. The pots are a decent size, where one is definitely enough for one person. So I guess I can’t really expect for it to be patisserie levels of quality. I’m glad I tried them but there are way better dessert options out there.

Overall: 3/10. Probably won’t try again.

T xxx

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