Fry’s Mushroom Pie

Another day another pie! I have heard some good things about Fry’s but they seem to be a very American brand as I very rarely come across them unless I go to specialist places. But I found these in my local Tesco and decided to give them a try.

Now as pies go these are….average. They are quite big so the £3 price tag for a pack of 2 is quite a bargain. They come out of the packet quite flat but they seriously puff up as they bake. The pastry is good and flaky and there is a decent amount of filling. But other than that it’s just…ok.

It obviously goes without saying that it tastes like mushroom. Being a mushroom pie and all. I personally quite like mushrooms and don’t mind the weird rubber texture that mushrooms can have. Obviously if you aren’t keen on mushrooms then just steer clear all together. The other slight issue is that, as mushrooms tend to do when cooked, they give everything around them a slightly odd colour. So the white sauce in the pie is more of a light grey sauce. Again, not a bad thing because it still tastes quite nice and is really creamy.

Overall: 5/10. Nice but nothing overly special. Unless you love mushrooms?

T xxx

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