Plant kitchen dirty fries

My my these are indeed dirty…

These are chips, covered in tomato sauce, vegan bechamel sauce and a ton of cheese poured over it. They are the ultimate side dish. Be warned though these things come out of the oven like molten lava so best to leave it sit for a while so it cools down a bit. I learnt the hard way…

These are great. Granted there isn’t that much to them…it’s chips covered in sauce. The chips are also big chunky chips so it doesn’t look like there’s a lot in the packet at first. But it is definitely made to be shared. I have also tried to eat a whole packet by myself and was very brutally beaten by the very rich sauces.

The other plus with these is that on their own they are about £3, but they are also included within the M&S pizza deal where you can get 2 pizzas and 2 sides for £10. Best deal out there and it also means you can get these bad boys practically for free! Win win in my books.

Overall: 7/10. These are good but are so chunky they’re best as a ‘once in a while’ treat on movie nights.

T xxx

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