Subway Double chocolate cookie

Today marks my first day back at work after the Christmas break. It is always rough. Over Christmas and New Years the days all meld into one and time becomes a meaningless social construct once more, before I am quite rudely thrown back into the 9-5 pattern. In all honesty I actually prefer the routine – without one I just turn into a nocturnal creature of the night! But the first week or so getting back into that routine is always quite tough…

So I treated myself to a cookie. Yes, yes, the new years resolutions are still being stuck to. This was purely one little treat for my first day back that made the whole situation a bit more enjoyable. It has also been years – literal years – since I have had a double chocolate cookie that a) didn’t cost me £5 and b) I didn’t have to bake myself.

The wait was worth it. Subway has nailed it this Veganuary! This cookie is just….there are no words. It is light and fluffy with lots of gooey chocolate. I ate mine as soon as I got it and it was still warm. I imagine that if you left it on the side for a bit the edges would crisp up quite nicely as they cool down. I personally prefer a softer cookie and this was so chocolatey that I think I audibly went into chocolate shock.

The dangerous/brilliant thing about Subway is that you can also order 12 cookies for £3.50. So they are clearly really affordable. Now I won’t get into the moral issue of whether you should be ordering 12 of these cookies and eating them all in one sitting….all I am saying is the option is there. Make of that what you will. I don’t judge.

Overall: 10/10. There is no way to make these better. Hopefully Subway release more flavours later on so that box of 12 doesn’t look like death by chocolate.

T xxx

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