Subway’s T.L.C sub

As you can see I really showed some restraint when it came to Subway…

Starting off Veganuary on a high because this sub way amazing! The ‘chicken’ is so close to real chicken. It is a little bit rubbery, but when in a sandwich you really do not notice it at all. It is also completely plain, so you can add whatever you like to the rest of the sub and not have any over powering flavours with it.

I added lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sweet corn and also added their sweet onion sauce along with the vegan cheese. Usually with subs they make me feel quite fat and bloated (makes sense when the courts ruled that the bread is too sugary to be deemed bread!) but this one was so light. It was filling though, so one foot-long sub was a really nice, comfortable meal.

I honestly cannot fault this. The fact that you add what you want to it is great, but that new chicken is honestly life changing. Subway, if you see this, if you wanted to release the chicken as a stand along product I reckon you could make an absolute fortune. Well done!

Overall: 10/10. This is my new go to option!

T xxx

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