Kokoro vegan sushi

This is a new place that opened up in my town earlier this year. Due to the constant lockdowns around me I also haven’t been able to check this place out. But with Christmas over, I finally took the chance! Upon research, Kokoro is a chain store, but this is the first time I have ever actually come across one before.

I got the vegan sushi (avocado and cucumber rolls) and some vegetable gyozas. There isn’t much to say about them really. They tasted really fresh – as though they had just been cooked that day – and were very very yummy. It doesn’t look like a lot of food but it was definitely very filling. But also very moreish so be warned! Are sushi comas a thing? Because I feel I could very easily find out…

They were slightly expensive (£6 all together) but sushi is always a bit more expensive than most ‘fast food’ options.

Overall: 9/10. This was so good! Definitely worth the high price tag.

T xxx

3 thoughts on “Kokoro vegan sushi

    1. Absolutely! It definitely is worth the money I find. Although now that they deliver near me I think I’ll emerging from this pandemic as a human sushi roll!

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