An early Christmas present from a family friend. I have tried a few other types before but always found it to be…odd. I have heard wonderful things about this stuff online though and throughout the vegan community, but have never been able to find any at my local shops. It always appears to be sold out….so I guess that is a good sign at least!

I actually really liked this stuff. I liked egg mayonnaise (when I used to eat it that is) but always found that it tasted a bit too vingar-y for my liking. So I could only really cope with it little and often. But this stuff doesn’t taste like it has any vinegar in it at all. I personally much preferred the taste…it tastes like mayonnaise but…watered down?

I have only tried it with chips for now but may attempt to use it in some cooking. I found a recipe for ‘tuna’ and sweetcorn (which involves chickpeas rather than fish) so may finally use this Christmas break to try this all out together.

Overall: 8/10. Very yummy…will have to test how versatile it is though. I will keep you updated!

T xxx

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