YO! Sushi vegan box

I have now finished for Christmas! I used up the last of my holiday days so I am not going back to work until the new year. But this excitement was short lived, as the entire south east of England (which is where I live) is now in Tier 4…which is basically Lockdown 3. All of my plans for Christmas have been cancelled and it looks like I still won;t be able to hug my parents or my friends for another few months at least.

So in light of all this information, I decided to buy some sushi for my lunch. If 2020 has taught me something, it is that life is very short and you should enjoy the good moments while they last…so I ordered the damn sushi.

Now there is a YO! Sushi restaurant in my town, but I have never been able to actually eat at one, mostly because the queue to get in is always super long. Which makes me believe that the food must be good. Tesco now have a partnership with them, so luckily my Tesco now has a YO! Sushi counter where you buy all of the cold platters without having to go to the actual restaurant.

I can confirm that it was very good. I love sushi but it can be quite hard to find and I find it is always pretty expensive. I did manage to make my own once but as it took me about an hour to do, it’s not the quickest of meals.

The best item was definitely the gyoza/dumpling/tofu rolls….the golden brown ones at the back of the picture – if anyone knows the name of these please let me know! They were sweet and sour and very yummy. I also find it is hard to get yasaii rolls wrong, and the crunchy topping mixed well with the light and fluffy rice and avocado.

Granted they are quite expensive at £4.20, but I think that the average price for most sushi items is about £5 depending on where you go. One of the bad sides of sushi is that you never seem to get very much food for the amount of money you spend. The fact that I could go somewhere else and get a sandwich and a drink and a snack for less money than one of these platters can sometimes be a bit of a tough bargain for me. I do think it is worth the money, but I have to leave it as a treat every once in a while so I don’t end up bankrupt!

8/10: Very good, but pretty expensive for what you get.

T xxx

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