M&S Vegan truffles

This weekend was a rough one. Our washing machine decided to die on us and ended up spewing water all over our kitchen/living room area at about midnight on Saturday. luckily we were both still awake so caught it early but it meant we had to spend about 2 hours trying to mop up all the water with old towels and tshirts, as well as try and figure out what was wrong with the bloomin’ thing! I then spent a further hour on the phone to our insurance company, and then sat up until 7am waiting for the emergency repair people to phone.

Needless to say it was a very rough weekend, and I barely made it through the list of things that I wanted to do. So while out getting lunch, we picked up these truffles as a pick me up treat to hopefully make the weekend a bit more cheery.

I have to say, these things are pretty good. They are just little globs of chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder, so there ins’t really much that could go wrong with them. They are very sickly though. I can only eat one every 5 or 10 minutes, so I think this packet should last me a decent amount of time. They are very creamy too, and really do just melt in your mouth. The cocoa powder also means that you have that nice chocolate taste lingering for a little bit longer, which is always a good thing!

The whole packet was also only £3, which by M&S standards is actually super cheap! They do also do a salted caramel truffle (see here), and I think I prefer those to these ones. The salted caramel isn’t so sickly, but then because of that they also don’t last as long as these truffles probably will.

Overall: 8/10. Worth a try at least but maybe not something I would buy on a regular basis.

T xxx

3 thoughts on “M&S Vegan truffles

    1. Thank you, that’s a great idea! Never thought of that before. When I find them again I shall try and do an update for you 🙂


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