Montezumas Like No Udder Chocolate

A new try today! As the weather has gone Arctic in England, I have gone back to have hot porridge for breakfast in the freezing cold mornings. Now I am not a massive fan of porridge, but I know that it is good for me and I know that it fills me up for longer, so I make do. But the main thing that gets me through with porridge is adding really yummy (not so good for me) ingredients to it. At the moment it is a few squares of chocolate. Hence this new discovery…

I am quite happy with this stuff. It is very creamy and very chocolatey, so is a bit richer than the usual chocolate I use. But it melts like a dream! It is also quite a thick bar, so it actually took me a bit of force to break it up. That’s not a complaint though…I will never complain about chunky chocolate bars!

One of the best surprises about this bar is that the whole packaging was recyclable. Most of the chocolates I have tried before come wrapped in tin foil, which I suppose is better than plastic. But this stuff came wrapped in recycled cardboard and in a recyclable sleeve. So not only do you get a good, vegan chocolate, you also get a completely recyclable product that does good for the planet.

Please ignore my bite marks….I am an impatient person when it comes to chocolate…

This packet cost me £2 from Tesco, so while it is one of the more expensive options available there it is actually really really good value for money. It also feels good to be buying and supporting a brand that is actively trying to be good for the planet.

Overall: 8/10. This one was good but it is the plain chocolate. They do have other options that I shall hopefully start making my way through!

T xxx

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