Daisy & Dam Ballers

FINALLY! Vegan malteasers!

A lovely person at work gifted these to me as she found them at her local corner shop. These things are basically malteasers, but oddly enough are actually nicer than malteasers.

These do not melt the same way that malteasers do, but they have such a satisfying crunch to them that I actually really prefer. They are light and chocolatey and the dark chocolate of them gives you a nice little after kick which is really nice. You also get quite a lot of them in the little bags, and as they are dark chocolate they are quite rich, so luckily (for me anyway) you can’t really eat the entire bag in one sitting.

Not much else to say about these…well done Daisy & Dam! Will definitely be looking into this brand more to see what else they have on offer.

Overall: 10/10. You can’t fault these. Love them!

T xxx

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