Wicked! Mint choc chip ice cream

I know, I know! I said that I would probably never try anything Wicked! ever again because every time I try something it burns my face off with spices. But this is ice cream….you can’t make spicy ice cream can you??!!

I had seen so many people raving about the Wicked! ice cream, so decided I would take a chance. Surely not even Wicked! would be as crazy as to make spicy ice cream?! Luckily….they were not.

This stuff is lovely! It is creamy and tastes great and was only £2…which makes a very nice change to the usual £5 price tag of most vegan ice creams. I tried the mint chocolate one because a) I haven’t had mint ice cream since going vegan and b) the only other option was vanilla and….ew.

Now I really do like mint flavouring, but be warned that this stuff is VERY minty. Almost….toothpaste level minty. As I said, personally I don’t mind that because I really like mint, but if just be warned if you’re not that massive a fan. The chocolate chips are also very generous….you get a load of chocolate in every spoonful!

Overall: 8/10. I would very much like to try some of their other flavours, so will have to come back to you on where each one ranks!

T xxx

2 thoughts on “Wicked! Mint choc chip ice cream

    1. I know right! So often with this flavour it only ever tastes like one…rarely ever both. Completely demolished this over the weekend too….

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