Quorn sandwich slices

I have always been someone who packs a lunch for work or school or any sort of day out. This is mostly because vegan food can sometimes be hard to find when out and about, but a new reason why I keep up with this habit is because buying lunch every day can get really expensive very quickly. I went out last week just for a little pick me up treat on a Monday, and it would have cost be £5 for a full meal deal. Now that may not sound a lot but in a week, that’s £25 spent on food. And for perspective my entire weekly shop (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for 2 people) costs about £40.

One of my go-to choices are these Quorn slices. They do ham and chicken. I have seen that they also do pepperoni slices too, but I have not been able to find these anywhere near me. Truth be told, I can’t really tell the difference in flavour between these. The chicken tastes…like…chicken? And the ham tastes like a slightly smokier version of the chicken. They are very yummy though!

Downside is that you don’t really get much in a packet. Each packets costs (depending on sales/offers, where you buy from etc) around £2-£4, and contains 8 slices. Granted, the slices are pretty big, but 8 slices is really only enough for 4 sandwiches. It is also a little plastic in texture (similar to the plastic cheese that comes in the individual packets) but I personally don’t mind that too much.

Overall: 7/10. They are good, I just wish you got a bit more for your money.

T xxx

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