FAIL – why does my coconut milk hate me?

This was not pretty.

So I saw a recipe online that was vegan chocolate mousse. All you needed was:

  • coconut cream (2 cans worth)
  • caocao powder (2 tablespoons, or however much to your taste)

Simples, right?


Who knew that coconut milk could be such a cruel, cruel mistress? For those who do not know coconut creme is the top part of a can of coconut milk. When you open the can, the milk and creme is likely to have separated where it has been sitting for so long in the can. You then just scoop the creme layer off and are usually left with just under half a can of milk. Did this happen with me? Of course not.

It was all milk! I thought maybe it had been left in my cupboard for too long and the creme had melted, so I tried putting it into the freezer for a bit to let it harden up again. That didn’t work. I then left it in the fridge for 4 hours as suggested and that still didn’t work. I then left it in the fridge OVERNIGHT and it still did not work. I did this with both cans of milk and they both did the exact same thing. No matter what I could not get the creme and milk to separate. After over 24 hours in the fridge I still attempted to try the recipe and while attempting to whip it (with a proper electric whisk too!) it just didn’t solidify as it was supposedly meant to do. It did form very good frothy milk though…so I guess if you ever need some for your coffee then this could work?

Needless to say it was a hard few days…I know that baking and cooking is hard and that people train to be experts at these skills for years. But…it’s just whipping creme right?! Am I missing something?

If you guys have tried this before please leave me a comment and let me know how you got on with it. Please also let me have any advice…I ‘d like to try out a load of new recipes!

T xxx

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