Plant Menu chicken burgers

Aldi is seriously killing it with the vegan food selection! I think I may have worked out how to really improve my burger eating experience.

2 words: Brioche. Buns.

It has been a while since I have had brioche anything, so I was very excited to find these in Aldi. They are exactly what they say they are: Vegan brioche burger buns. They taste exactly like brioche and add a very nice little flavour to my burgers.

We also tried these chicken burgers and they were…ok? I never really understood the allure of chicken burgers anyway (ignoring the whole, having to kill a chicken side of it anyway), but I know that they are meant to be healthier than the beef/red meat varieties that you could buy. But we saw this and as it is a new vegan option that we haven’t tried before, we gave it a go!

They don’t really taste of much. They are however very filing, so I guess that’s good if you’re looking for something light that will still make you feel full. The brioche bun was good with it, although since the chicken doesn’t taste of much, all you could really taste was the brioche. Make of that what you will…

We also added a few slices of Violife cheese and overall it did make a pretty decent burger. Nothing overly special, but a decent burger none the less. If you have anything to really amplify a burger let me know in the comments!

Overall: 7/10. Brioche buns are a game changer…the chicken burgers, not so much.

T xxx

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