Perkier salted caramel and dark chocolate bar

While England may be in the midst of Lockdown 2.0, luckily a lot of the shops are still open. After what had been a long week I decided to treat myself while on lunch and picked up a treat bar.

This little bar is blooming lovely! It tastes like a chocolate bar, but with the filling effect of flapjack. It is just chocolatey enough to give you some needed sugar but not so much so that it is sickly. It also says ‘immune boosting’ on the packaging, so that’s a great bonus too! Chocolate that makes me healthier? Do wonders never cease.

They are your average size of chocolate bar and I picked this up for £1 at my local Sainsburys. I do not know if the price varies place to place, so let me know if you find it cheaper!

Overall: 9/10. I would like this to come in a massive bar. I may have to search the internet for a bulk buy of them…

T xxx

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