The Meatless Farm Company Mince

So this stuff is quite spooky – it behaves exactly like mince would. It comes in a packet (obviously) and the tendrils can actually be pulled apart. It also breaks up really nicely and lets you have chunks as big as you please. It fries up nicely, and has quite a chewy texture when it’s cooked. It also feels, cooks and looks like meat mince, so if you don’t mind that then definitely try this.

We made spaghetti with ours and it really did add something extra to it. We had been using the frozen mince that you can get from Tesco (still good mind you) but this stuff just gave the meal a bit more…oomph. It filled me up longer, tasted lovely and also gave a nice change of texture without feeling too synthetic like some fresh ‘meats’ can do.

The only downside is the size of the packet. A whole packet for dinner is a bit too much food (at least for me anyway), but half a packet would not have been enough. Ideally you would want to only use 3/4 of the packet, but then you’re sort of stuck with this last little left over bit that you can’t really do much with. If you guys have any ideas what to do with left over mince let me know!

Overall: 8/10. Pretty decent alternative to have on a regular basis.

T xxx

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