Gregg’s Mince Pie

So this past weekend I have been curled up in bed with a horrific cold. Needless to say my appetite has not been great, as I have spent the whole time dosed up on cold meds and sleeping for 18 hours a day. Yet when I am sick (which if I’m being honest is actually a very rare occurrence) I find that greasy food tends to help.

So my lovely boyfriend went out and grabbed me a Gregg’s sausage roll and one of their new vegan mince pies. Nothing says Christmas like mince pies and it’s always a lovely time of year when mince pies are readily available no matter where you go.

There isn’t much to say about these…a mine pie is a mince pie. They are slightly dry, but I believe that all mince pies must be consumed with a big cup of tea. Or mulled wine. Or some sort of warm comforting beverage. I also find that mince pies are not something you can ingest too many of in one sitting (trust me, I’ve tried!) so it’s good that Gregg’s are cheap and you can buy just the one.

Overall: 7/10. They’re good, but when have mince pies ever been a bad?!

T xxx

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