Free from chocolate sunday

A new find! And it is also a new addition to the free from range at Tesco.

This is very nice. It is, for the most part, all mousse. Which is not necessarily a bad thing because it is very light and fluffy and dreamy mousse. Also very chocolatey so be prepared for a bit of a sugar kick. There are also some little chocolate drops on the top which are a nice crunch.

Flavour wise it just tastes like chocolate. I could not tell you that the white side tastes like white chocolate and the dark chocolate tasted like dark chocolate (or even milk chocolate) but no, they both tasted exactly the same. Tasted really nice either way, but there wasn’t any real change of taste. It was pretty to look at though!

Overall: 7/10. It is very nice and was really affordable for how much you get. Hopefully they make more flavours for me to test out…

T xxx

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