Umberto Giannini curl jelly collection

I have very curly hair and up until this year I have been pretty cruel to my hair. I – like most teenage girls I’m sure – spent the majority of my teens straightening my hair. My hair was never really ‘pretty curly’…it never really had curly shapes to it and when I did brush it, it basically took on a life of it’s own. Think Hermione Granger in the Philospher’s Stone, but more. That’s my hair.

With everything happening this year, with national lockdowns and furlough, the idea of ‘doing my hair’ every day just seemed like too much hassle. My hair is also very thick, so washing, drying and styling my hair took at least an hour – if I really rushed I could get it done within about 45 minutes, but that still seems like a lot of time to be spent holding a hair drying and brushing my hair. So for the first time in a long time, I left my hair alone and actually let it heal.

I came across the Curly Girl method when researching how best to look after curly hair. The reviews all say that this method is amazing and truly gives you the bouncy, healthy curls that so many of us dream of. This article from Cosmopolitan Magazine really helped me understand the basics. But naturally it was also then trying to find any vegan options that could be used.

I am a pretty big fan of Umberto. The products of theirs I have used have been really good and they are easily available at most Superdrug and Boots stores. I had also read that their Curl Jelly range were very highly recommended for those who wanted to follow the Curly Girl Method, regardless of whether they needed vegan or not. So I decided to test it and see how we get on.

Firstly, O.M.G. My hair has never felt so soft and healthy. I have never been someone to wash my hair everyday, and on average wash my hair maybe once a twice a week depending on how active I have been. But I did my ‘reset wash’ and even when rinsing my hair, it felt lighter. Probably because it had finally been truly stripped of 10 years worth of heat products and the wrong type of shampoo. The curl jelly shampoo is a bit odd, in that the texture is more like gel than regular shampoo. But it lathers up nicely and made my hair feel so soft and light after washing. The condition is also very hydrating. I come out of the shower with hair that still feels very soft, despite the damage that I am still trying to rectify.

The scrunching jelly i a whole new area for me. I rarely use products in my hair, because I find they just usually make my hair feel heavy and greasy and make so little difference that they can be hard to justify using all the time. This scrunching jelly feels like gel, and seems to do the same sort of thing. It does feel lighter than gel though, as my hair doesn’t feel hard to touch when my hair is drying.

I hav been doing the curly girl method, and using these products, for about 2 weeks now, so I have washed my hair twice. But even still I can see a HUGE difference in my hair. My hair actually seems to have some shape to it: I have some strands that are ringlets, some that are a bit looser and some that are just soft beach waves, but whatever the shape you can finally actually SEE the shape, rather than the usual mass of frizzy hair that my hair used to be.

The one difficulty I am finding is that under the curly girl method you are not supposed to brush your hair. You brush it in the shower when wet with either your hands or a wide tooth comb, but otherwise you just…leave for a quick run through with your fingers when needed. So for me that has been a hard thing to get used to because my daily routine was so used to getting up, brushing my hair and getting ready for the day. Though that being said my hair doesn’t get as knotty as I thought it would be, possibly because my hair is in a more natural state and being left alone to just….hang.

Overall: 8/10. This stuff is clearly working wonders for my hair but as it is still very early days, I suppose time will have to tell if this method and these products can really help my hair health. If you guys have any recommendations please let me know!

T xxx

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