Naked without the oink bacon

Another day another bacon alternative!

This stuff actually worked quite well. The taste wasn’t perfect – you could tell it was a fake meat – but it did have a pretty satisfying crunch to it. I had this with a burger to make myself another posh burger, and it did add a nice extra texture to my meal, even if it didn’t add much flavour.

Another thing I notices was that it didn’t really change shape or colour when cooking. The edges curled up very slightly but other than that it came out of the pan the exact same colour as when it entered the pan. We cooked it evenly on both sides for the recommended amount of time, and it did get very crisp and stiff and rigid, but it didn’t change colour. Make of that what you will. For me it just made me a bit worried that I didn’t know how to properly grill something!

Overall: 7/10. It’s alright, but probably not the ideal option for a bacon bap.

T xxx

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