Itsu chilli miso noodle pot

Usually during the week I am very good with my healthy eating: We meal plan at the beginning of the week, only buy the ingredients for those meals, and prepare our lunches the night before. But with the weather in England now practically Arctic levels of cold and rainforest levels of rain, sometimes a pre-made sandwich just isn’t enough.

I am a big lover of sushi, and I always enjoy Itsu when I go. Unfortunately I do not have a store anywhere near me so it is very rare I actually get to have one. When I worked in London I basically moved into the store round the corner from the office! I had a craving for something with a bit more flavour than a regular pot noodle so decided to take a chance on this.

Now I completely appreciated that it was an Itsu pot noodle. I did not expect it to taste super fresh or to be as good as it would be in an actual store, so I was actually pleasantly surprised. It does taste like a pot noodle, but like a really posh pot noodle…If that makes sense. But it was actually pretty tasty and actually tasted like how the Itsu miso soup tastes like it would in store.

Overall: 7/10. It’s good. It’s a slightly posher pot noodle so…not sure how you can mess that up really.

T xxx

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