Aldi vegan sweets

Following on from my find of the Leo the Lion sweets from Aldi, I managed to pick up the other two options! Everyone, meet Walter and Wendy Worm…

These taste exactly like Haribo sweets. I always found that most vegan gummy sweets were never overly ‘gummy’…they were more like wine gums than jelly babies texture wise. But these little guys are brilliant! Personally, I prefer Wendy, as she ends up tasting just like Tangfastics do (or at least how I remember them tasting) and I found that Walter was very sickly sweet after a while.

The good news is that each packet is like…99p. So you can’t really go wrong. Plus you also get a pretty decent amount of candy in each pack so I think they’re really good value for money. Ideally though I would quite like to see them being different types of sweets – they didn’t both have to be worms. Maybe Wendy could have been Karla the Koala? Or some other type of fizzy animal.

Overall: 7/10. Very good sweet alternative.

T xxx

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