WICKED Spicy mac pot

One of these days I will learn that me and WICKED do not get on. Which is a shame because some of their ready-made sandwiches are actually pretty nice…but I think they may the exception to the WICKED mantra.

When this thing says it’s a ‘spicy smokey dreamy mac’ what it really means is ‘spicy spicy spicy pasta’. I could not feel my mouth after the very first taste and it just got worse from there. Now, granted, I am a bit of a pansy when it comes to spice, but even I can usually get through the majority of a spicy meal before my mouth just melts away. Not with this.

I choked it down because I didn’t want to waste it. But also by about the second mouthful my mouth was numb from all the spice so it wasn’t as bad. I couldn’t taste anything…except fire.

I wasn’t expecting much because it is essentially a slightly posher pot noodle. But still….I did not get mac. Nor smokey. Unless you count the smoke that was coming out of my ears while I devoured this packet of lava. Although I am now starting to think that WICKED only use one ingredient and it is ghost pepper chilli. Every other ingredient is just for colour because you won’t be able to taste anything but spice.

Overall: 2/10. I think I have lost multiple taste buds. I also believe that this is where my exploration for WICKED comes to an end….a fiery, fiery end.

T xxx

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