GU Free From Strawberry Cheesecakes

So I have found that if you do your groceries later in the day – like just before closing – the stores usually have a huge collection of discounted food that is either to be trashed or be given a new home. I found these for £1!! It came in a pack of 2, and was the perfect little dessert after a very long week. I had seen these before but as they are usually £3 I was never sure if that would be worth the investment…

Before I went vegan I was a big cheesecake fan and since going vegan I have never really found an option. I did try to make one but…it failed. Badly. So finding these made me very excited. I did not have high expectations because I know that vegan baking can be a bit hit and miss, plus I had already tried the chocolate pudding pods and they were a little underwhelming.

But these were a surprise. They do taste…pre-made. They were not as creamy as fresh cheesecake but what do you expect from the fridge section. They were still very creamy though and tasted just like the milk version. The pots were the right size too: It is very sweet so I imagine eating more than one pot at any time would be very sickly.

Overall: 6/10. Bit expensive for what you get, but they are definitely one of the few vegan cheesecakes that I’ve managed to find. Maybe that’s how they justify it….

T xxx

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