Lush’s Mermaid Tail

The weather in England has started to turn frosty, and therefore boiling hot bubble baths are now a must! So I decided to treat myself and try one of Lush’s bubble bombs.

This was their mermaid tail bomb, which consists of a bubble bomb and a bath melt all in one. It smells like lemons so did a good job of waking you up a little bit. I crumbled the bomb under running water and it did produce bubbles. Not as much as I would have liked, but I think that is just the child in me that still likes to make myself a bubble beard and a matching hairstyle while I soak away! It did turn the bath a lovely dark blue/light purple colour so that was fun. But so far as a bath bomb goes it was not really a bubble bath…kind of like a suds bath.

The bath melt was probably the best bit. It smelt lovely and made my skin feel SO SOFT and lovely and hydrated. It left my skin super moisturised for about three days afterwards too…even after running and work and not-so-luxurious showers. That alone made it all worth while for probably the most pampered bath that I have ever had.

As with all things at Lush, the products are on the more expensive side when you compare them to other brands, but personally I will always choose Lush because they’re products very rarely disappoint. I am also a huge fan of their brand anyway – their policy on animal testing and their recycling scheme – so am always happy to try out their newest products.

Overall: 7/10. As a bath melt, this thing is amazing. As a bubble bomb, it is so so.

T xxx

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