Aldi vegan cookies

I finally managed to grab a load of these cookies! I have been on the hunt for these since the Aldi near me opened and finally found a packet. They were also the last pack, so I guess all of the good reviews of them must be true.

These things are so good! They are very crumbly, so not good for tea dipping (a criteria that us Brits value very highly!) but they are so crunchy and chocolatey that it did not take me long to go through the whole packet. Other than that there isn’t much to say about these cookies…they are very good and you should try and grab a packet. ASAP!

Overall: 8/10. These are so amazing, but as they are so high in demand that I probably will never get another packet again.

T xxx

2 thoughts on “Aldi vegan cookies

    1. They sell out so quickly! They are super good though so I totally see why they are popular. Fingers crossed you can grab a packet soon! 🤞

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