Vegan alternative to ‘Percy Pigs’

Aldi does it once again! VEGAN. PERCY. PIGS.

Ok they are not actually percy pigs but these are the perfect alternative. Leo the Lion comes to the rescue! I also saw that they had other creature on offer (Ozzy the Ostrich or something like that?) so I will definitely be trying those as soon as I can get back to the store!

There isn’t much to say about these, except that they taste almost exactly the same as Percy Pigs do. They have the same sort of texture as the veggie Percy Pigs and taste slightly more like lemon and lime. But either way these things are delicious and yes I did eat he whole bag by myself. And yes Henry was mad at me for not sharing. But these were too good to share!

Overall: 9/10. The perfect alternative to the percy pigs and are also super affordable!

T xxx

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