Subway Vegan Patty

Another treat for date night….Subway! Before going vegan I had tried the veggie patty and was somewhat underwhelmed. But thought I’d try the vegan patty as supposedly they have revamped the recipe slightly and made them a bit more…substantial.

This was good. It tasted kind of like a soya sausage but wasn’t as compact. It is almost flaky, like how I always think chicken is meant to be. Again, I haven’t eaten chicken in about 12 years so I have zero knowledge as to what chicken should look like. But this is how I imagine it to be. They do also appear to double stack the patties (or maybe the subway worker was just in a good mood?) which meant that I was very full once I’d finished my footlong.

Only downside is that they don’t taste of that much. They have a slight chilli flavour to them but nothing too much. I added lettuce, cucumber, tomato, olives and then sweet onion sauce to my sandwich, and I think without the added salad and sauce then the patties alone would have been a bit bland.


Overall: 6/10. The salad added to the patty definitely makes it taste different. Given the choice I’d probably just stick with my meatless meatball.

T xxx

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