Vegan Cookie cereal

I do appreciate that these are not the most healthy of breakfasts….but as I was off all of last week, I decided to treat it as a holiday and on holiday any sort of healthy eating or diet goes out of the window. I can have cookies for breakfast and cereal for dinner for all it matters. Which is exactly what I did!

Finally had a full trip to my local Aldi store and let me say….Aldi is definitely stocking all of the cheap vegan food. The joy of Aldi has always been seeing all of the knock-off brands (McVooties instead of McVities type deal) and usually these knock-offs are accidentally vegan. Now I never got to try Cookie Crisp cereal, because as a child they were too sugary and as an adult they were never vegan. But I found these! And now I can finally have cookies for breakfast and not have any comments made!

These are pretty good. They do not taste that chocolatey and are actually pretty crunchy straight out of the box. Personally, I like to let this cereal sit in the milk for a little bit so that the cookies soften up a bit and I don’t chip a tooth on them. But they do have that ‘cookies and cream’ flavour to them.

PANDA BOWL! You can imagine how excited I was when I found an entire dinner set with panda faces on them….

SIDE NOTE: This product was labelled as vegetarian and for the life of me I could not see anything on the ingredients that would make it non-vegan. If anyone can spot why this is, do let me know! I know some brands don’t label things as vegan because of allergies and cross-contamination in the manufacturing process, but if there is some e-number I need to look out for moving forward do let me know!

Overall: 7/10. It is a nice cereal, but it is just cereal, and really how can you get cereal wrong?!

T xxx

4 thoughts on “Vegan Cookie cereal

    1. Thank you so much for reading! If I was allowed to cereal would definitely be my main food group…got any recommendations for me to try? 🙂

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      1. Yeah, same here. If you’re into pumpkin spice, Trader Joe’s Pumpkin O’s are basically my obsession this time of the year. They’re so good, and I’m pretty sure they’re vegan too.


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