CrepeAffaire: brownies and creme

My god these were sugary! I’m very impressed I didn’t go into sugar shock after the second bite.

CrepeAffaire are somewhat new to me, as I have only ever seen one store and that was in a local town near me. They do offer a pretty decent amount of vegan options though so really it would have been rude of me not to try at least one!

*Insert drooling face here*

These were…ok. They were so sugary though so I couldn’t really tell if that was what was throwing me off. The brownies were also more like fudge, so when you ate them your mouth was practically glued shut with chocolate. Then again, if I was to chose a way to go out, death by chocolate would be my chosen option! So I guess that’s kind of a win…

This was however very expensive. £7!! For a crepe!!?? Mate….no. That is very expensive for not really all that much. It was good to try but honestly I don’t think I could afford to go back there on a regular basis.

Overall: 6/10. They’re alright. Big servings of sugar. Very tasty sugar, but sugar none of the less.

T xxx

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