Legoland during a pandemic

One of my favourite places in the world is Legoland. I am also very lucky that I live about an hours drive from the Legoland Resort in Windsor. I have had this whole week off to celebrate my birthday, and it seemed only right to celebrate my birthday in true style!

As you can see, there were zero lines to get in!

If you have never been to Legoland, I would highly recommend it. It is big enough to keep you busy for a day but not so spread out that you end up walking for miles just to get to the different rides. It is also, for the majority of rides, all outside. Henry and I went on Monday and lucky for us it was pretty dead. There were still a lot of people, but no where near the crowds that we usually get when we go. It was therefore super easy to socially distance from the other guests and also meant we didn’t have to wait long at all for the rides. So win win!!

Me and my new adorable backpack!

The only downside is that the Star Wars Lego exhibit was shut. This is completely indoors though and it consists of a lot of Lego dioramas showing scenes from all of the movies. It is, without a doubt, the best thing at Legoland. And so I was a little bit gutted that it was shut. But that being said, it was all inside and is also very interactive, so trying to make that sort of attraction covid friendly would have been impossible.

While walking around the park they had regular sanitation stations and arrows on the floor showing which ways to walk. There were signs up to regularly wash your hands, face masks were to worn on certain rides and even the character interactions were wearing masks and promoting social distance. The staff were all lovely and were clearly doing their best to make sure that everyone still had a really lovely day out. You had to wear a mask on certain rides and in the shops, but as the whole park is outside you didn’t need to wear one if you are just walking around.

In a few rides, we were the only ones there!

The queues for the rides were unreal: The longest we waited was about 5 minutes, and that was purely because we had to walk through all of the aisles to get to the front. The times also seemed to include time for the staff to completely wipe down and disinfect the rides. The rides also made sure to leave rows of seats and carriages empty to promote social distancing and we did see on multiple occasions staff members in full bio-hazard suits deep cleaning areas of the park and carriages on the rides. They did all that they could to create a covid safe place and I believe that they did a really good job.

If you do want to visit Legoland I would highly recommend it. I should say that the restaurants do not have any vegan options at all, but there are some lovely areas around the park in which to have a picnic. Make sure to pack a big lunch with you and you’ll be fine. There also daily shows put on around the park where you can set up for lunch and watch some entertainment. There are also places to fill up water bottles, or to buy little snacks and drinks, so you won’t be completely out of luck. The ticket prices are expensive, but compared to most theme parks this one is probably one of the cheaper options. We were clever and used up our Tesco Clubcard points, so apart from petrol and parking, we essentially had a completely free day out!

Overall Legoland was an absolute delight. Henry and I have been so good during this entire pandemic – staying close to home, not really seeing anyone unless it’s outside – and Legoland was always our Happy Place. It felt so good to have some sort of normality back, to be able to just be a big kid for a day and to completely forget about how scary and crappy the world is right now. So stay safe everyone, and hopefully we can all get through this together.

T xxx

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