Vegan bacon rashers

A new vegan find! And this one just doesn’t make sense….

Bacon rasher crisps…that are labelled suitable for vegans. Like…WHAT?! The world really is bizarre sometimes. It just goes to show that vegans can eat a huge variety of foods….and not all vegan food is obviously vegan.

I tried these this week for a little something different and dear me are these dangerous. They smell like bacon and they have that slight smokey flavour to them, but other than that they just taste like crisps. That being said, I could easily sit there and munch my way through the entire bag by myself in one sitting if no one takes the bag away from me. So you have been warned!

They were also 80p at my Tesco (not sure if that price varies place to place) so are a super cheap way of tricking some friends and blowing a few minds.

A nice accidentally vegan find for you guys to try! Let me know if there are any other types that I should look out for.

T xxx

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