What is happening?!

100 of you lovely people have decided to follow my little vegan blog. I am so grateful and excited that you guys wanted to come along on my little foodie outings, and I hope that my posts bring a little bit of joy to your days. I am seriously so excited that 100 people have connected on this little corner of the internet. Warm fuzzies all round!!

Thank you all for being here. I look forward to trying many many more vegan treats for you all. As a slight thank you, here’s a funny picture I took of me and my cat a few weeks back. It is not aesthetically pleasing in the slightest, but it makes me giggle so hopefully it will give you guys a good chuckle.

No make up, lying on the living room floor, with my cat pulling a face at me. My life in a nutshell really…

If you guys also want to see anything else from me, please do let me know! Do you want debates? Essays? Funny pictures of my cat? Photos of me in a food coma after eating too many Wenzel’s donuts? Comment your ideas and I shall do my best to accommodate them.

Stay safe everyone and I shall see you all again soon!

T xxx

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