No Porkies Sausage Rolls

The find of the year! I have heard some pretty good things about these sausage rolls, but hadn’t been able to find them anywhere near me to try them myself. But yet again the vegan gods smiled upon me and I managed to pick myself up a pack!

My word are these things good. It may be a bold statement but these are just as good – dare i even say better?! – than the Greggs sausage rolls.

I KNOW. Big claim right there. But I feel this is warranted.

These things are SO GOOD. As I say they taste almost identical to the Greggs sausage rolls, but because you can cook them yourself at home, you can get them while they are still hot and crispy. The pastry is lovely and flaky and yet doesn’t leave a massive mess of crumbs around you while you eat (as so very often happens when you have anything pastry based).

You also get 6 of them in a packet for £2 and they take 20 minutes to cook. They are frozen but you cannot taste that when you cook them. They don’t come out all soggy or really dry. Honestly this is probably one of our most successful finds this year!

Overall: 10/10. These are basically cook your own Gregg’s sausage rolls. You can’t go wrong!

T xxx

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